The Ruby
The Ruby
The Ruby

The Ruby

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 The Ruby Rapp is named after a life long seamstress we met in Cardiff, Wales. We met her while browsing an upscale market that only featured the works of local artisans. Check out the photo below to see her using a loom to turn wool into yarn which she was then going to knit into a blanket for her granddaughter who will be going to University in Scotland next year. 

*One Size Fits Most*

The Most Comfortable Fit! All of our Rapps are made with stretch material allowing for maximum comfort!

Adult :  12 yo+, circumference 21 - 23 inches
Kid:  15 mo - 11 yo, circumference 18 - 20 inches

Made With:

96% Polyester/4% Spandex

Care For By:

Hand washing and laying flat to dry.

Make it Your Own:

Adjust the thickness of the Rapp by folding or scrunching it to make it fit your style. Our Head Rapps Can Be Worn In So Many Ways! Check Them Out Below!