The Joey D XO
The Joey D XO

The Joey D XO

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The Joey D Rapp is the first Rosey Rapp to get it's name from a man! We met Joey D in Edinburgh, Scotland on a walking tour. Our local tour guide brought us by his shop where he works everyday selling his amazing re-purposed fashion creations. His pieces were so unique and inspiring and he was so supportive of our vision we had to name this purple Rapp in his honor. The jacket I am wearing in this photo he pieced together using old army materials, a 1900's police jacket, scraps from a vintage shoe maker and screen printed recycled curtains. 


*One Size Fits Most*

The Most Comfortable Fit! All of our Rapps are made with stretch material allowing for maximum comfort!

Adult :  12 yo+, circumference 21 - 23 inches
Kid:  15 mo - 11 yo, circumference 18 - 20 inches

Made With:

96% Polyester/4% Spandex

Care For By:

Hand washing and laying flat to dry.

Make it Your Own:

Adjust the thickness of the Rapp by folding or scrunching it to make it fit your style. Our Head Rapps Can Be Worn In So Many Ways! Check Them Out Below!